How do I adopt an animal?
At Lord Whisky, our aim is to find the best home possible for all of our animals. If you have a home to offer to any of our animals, we will discuss with you your home circumstances and introduce you to an animal whose personality makes him or her compatible with you. It is very important for the animal's welfare that we find him a home rather than finding people a pet, and we trust that all of our adoptive owners understand this policy.

How should I care for my cat?
We prefer cats to live away from very busy roads, and we ask owners to keep their cats inside overnight, as most cats that die as victims of road accidents do so in the hours of darkness. We also prefer cats not to be left alone for very long periods, as this could encourage the cat to wander off.

How should I care for my dog?
We prefer our dogs to have homes where they will not be left alone for longer than 4-5 hours at a time.  We ask this because most dogs need fairly constant companionship, and sometimes things do not work out if the dog is lonely whilst the whole family are at work. It also goes without saying that all dogs need to be walked at least twice each day, even small dogs must have plenty of exercise.

Isn't it fair to let my cat/dog have one litter before spaying?
This is a common misconception. There are constant numbers of unwanted kittens and puppies, or cats and dogs who become unwanted when they grow up. Only if you are certain that you can provide good homes to the whole litter should you consider allowing a pet to breed. Spaying will not harm your pet physically or psychologically, and it is much fairer than risking abandonment or mistreatment of your pet's descendants - not everyone is as loving as you are.

What happens if I can no longer care for my cat/dog?
We would strongly urge you not to take on an animal if you are uncertain that you can offer the commitment, because repeated changes of family could traumatise the animal. It is completely possible that a cat or dog could be a commitment as long as bringing up your children, which is why we stress so often the level of commitment required. Having said this, we do understand that circumstances are sometimes beyond our control, and therefore all Lord Whisky animals will always be welcomed back at the sanctuary should their owners be too ill to care for them, need to move to less suitable surroundings, or in cases of bereavement. Once a Lord Whisky animal, always a Lord Whisky animal.

What happens if my cat/dog is ill?
We would always recommend pet insurance in case of serious illness or injury. The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund provides assisted and sometimes free veterinary care for the pets of low-income families. Click here for more information.

Does Lord Whisky care for any other animals?
We care for any domestic or wild animal that needs our help. We often have pet rodents, rabbits, birds etc. to re-home and we sometimes need to find homes for larger animals such as horses. If you feel that you can help by adopting any of our friends, please do get in touch.