Bella is a good-looking long haired tabby & white cat.  She can be a bit temperamental so she needs a home with no children.

Tracey is an older black cat who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors.  She would need to come in at night.

Midnight, who would like to live in a stable or similar.

Mandy is a beautiful tabby & white cat.

Princess is a young spayed cat who would prefer a nice quiet home.

Reggie & Ronnie, 1 year old tabby & white twins.  Would suit a family home.

Souchie is a young ginger cat who needs a nice quiet home.

Primrose & Pansy, who only has one eye, are mother and daughter.  They are very friendly and need a quiet home away from busy roads.

Harvey, a grey & white, and tortoiseshell Milly, both 2 years old.  Would suit any home.

Marmalade, 2 years old and daughter Jenny, 1 year are best suited as stable or farm cats, providing they have 2 good meals a day.

8 year old Stripes, a black friendly cat, 7 year old ginger Marble and Marmite, a 4 year old black & white, would like a home together if possible, but can be homed separately.